Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mayday! Mayday! School Spirals Out Of Control!!!

I go a very upsetting phone call the other day from a fellow autism mom regarding how her son has been treated at school.

For the past two days, this autism mom (I call her a warrior because she seems to fight with her school a lot, to the point where they are now engaged in a civil suit) has picked her son up from school filthy.  And I don't mean filthy from the playground's dust, or mud from the melting snow...  I mean from sitting in his own filth...  Her boy, seven, is not potty trained.  The staff's excuse:  "The person who sits K on the potty every two hours has not been able to come to work."

Ummm, exqueeze me?

The acid from his faeces literally burned the boy's skin, and the mom had to take him to a doctor who wrote out a prescription for this poor little boy who is in pain due to his school's neglect of his needs.

The boy is not "qualified" for an aid.

Ummm, exqueeze me?

So...  since her son with autism who is not potty trained and is sensitive to light among other things is not qualified for an aid, his autism mom/warrior went out and got her son a service dog to help her son through the school day.

The school's response:  "NO."  They will not allow the service dog to enter the school.  You would think that they would let this little boy's mom know this as they KNEW she was getting a service dog for her boy, you know, save her some time.  It's called being considerate.  You know, what they try to teach the rest of our kids, to be considerate.  I'm concerned not only about our kiddos' education, but ALL children's education at this school.

This poor mom has addressed her concerns with the principal, the school division, the Chief Superintendent and no one has taken her seriously.  NO ONE.  So she messages me for help.  

I guess we could contact the school trustees and her MLA.  If still no one gives a crap about this poor kid, maybe it's time to organise a protest in front of her son's school with the media?

I really don't like things getting out of control and messy, but I gotta tell ya...  If my son's teacher left my boy with no dignity, let him stench up the classroom while the other kids whispered to each other pointing their finger at my babe while he sat in his own filth to the point of burning his skin requiring a visit to the doctor for a prescription to relieve his pain...  I think I'd end up locked up in jail, or possibly an institution.  There's no way I'd let the teacher or principal get away with treating my son like some animal.  I'd make them sit in Dayton's filth themselves until their skin blistered up, then take them to a vet for a check up.  At least I'd care enough to take them to the animal hospital.  I'm not completely heartless.

Treating children like this is not acceptable.  You don't have to like the parent, or kiss their a$$ in order to teach their child and treat them with dignity and respect as you would the rest of the neurotypical class.  You can not tell me that there's not one freaking person in the entire school who could not have taken this poor child to the washroom to clean up, or at the very least, CALL THE PARENT TO COME AND PICK HIM UP!!!  What the hell is wrong with people?!  Do schools really have no COMMON SENSE?!

Well, Mr. Greg Selinger, your royal highness...  you sure care about our kids, don't 'cha?!  Yeah, you're a true prince.  This is happening in your own back yard, and you do...  that's right NOTHING.

I'm so angry, I'm putting myself in a white jacket with long sleeves for a hug,



  1. Thanks Lou..It breaks my heart that this has happenid so many time with my baby..The school says that because he is now verbal that he should be able to ASK to go to the bathroom!! It sickins me!! They know that I am home during the day and could have done something!!! I'm not sure that I am even going to send him back to school tomorrow morning :/ I REALLY don't want to, but I still don't know if this is the right decision :(

  2. I sent an email to Mr. Greg Selinger..check out my blogg, I have the email in there :)

  3. Wow... I'm so speechless right now. I'm a mother of a 5 year old who was diagnosed with PDD NOS and disgusted! I can't believe how some people can be! Especially professionals! It makes me sick!

    I look forward to reading many more blogs. You gained a new follower. *hugs*