Thursday, 4 July 2013

Lou Lovrin, An Autism Expert

I have been accused of being arrogant because I am the author of Autism Diva Help, therefore I consider myself an "expert" on autism.  This accusation made me doubt myself and made me take a long, serious look at what I have accomplished through Autism Diva Help.  Through many nights of prayer, I've come to the conclusion...  drum roll please...  As long as my children, friends, family, fellow autism parents and Mike and of course I know who I am, others' opinions are just  background noise.  And so, I will continue my work.

Not that most of you need me to clarify this, but I will for those who think me to be arrogant enough to believe I am an expert in autism...  I AM NOT AN EXPERT IN AUTISM.  Autism Diva Help is about MY life and the lives of autism parents who have shared THEIR experiences with me.  Autism Diva Help exists for those who believe they are all alone and need to see that others like myself may be living with the same concerns for their children.  It is my diary of research into schools and school divisions.  I've met a number of people through Autism Diva Help that I would never had the chance to meet without my work.  While I consider all of the people I've met through Autism Diva Help of great importance in my life, the most significant person I've met through my work is Mike.  He's changed my life, showed me that I am worthy of love and respect and that I deserve to be treated like a princess, even on days where I am not at my best.  And then there are the kids.  I am now a mother figure to five children.  I see the miracles of God every day when I look at my beautiful, talented children, and every day, I am blessed.  I truly am blessed to be called "mom."  I have the most wonderful children, they are my heart, my soul and my life.

An expert in autism...  Is there such a person?  Even professionals with their diplomas and decades of education and experience agree that if you meet one child with autism, you've done just that.  You've met A child with autism.  Autism is a Spectrum Disorder, it is a very large spectrum.  No two children or adults with autism are the same.  While they share similarities, they have different challenges.  And while there are no 'experts' on autism, there are 'experts' on YOUR children. That expert is YOU.  No one knows your child the way you know them, and the same goes for myself.  I know my children, and I love them very much.  There is little I wouldn't do for them.  As their "mom," I also have a responsibility towards them, as do you to your children.

As dad (Paul) has taught me, consider yourselves hugged,

Lou and family