Friday, 20 July 2012

New Beginnings

Change is rough on anyone, but add autism to the mix and you've got a world of physical and mental anguish to deal with that sometimes make you want to succumb to their wishes.  Sometimes, but now always.

Dayton and I are moving out, something that's been a work in progress for a while now, but is just now coming to fruition.  Naturally, neither one of us is looking forward to packing it up, but it must be done.  And I'm sooooo tired...

My personal life has been very busy, and trying to please three households is a major task.  I'm really looking forward to sleeping uninterrupted until 8am tomorrow...  Work until 10pm, tuck Dayton into bed, go to my new place and crash until 8am...  That's the plan.  I can hardly wait, as just typing this simple post is making my eye lids so very, very heavy...  No amount of coffee is helping, so I'm now past tired and entering to zone of exhausted.

The big move is next Friday, so I really must start packing.  Pray the boxes don't disrupt Dayton too much.

Consider yourselves hugged,


Monday, 9 July 2012

Why Do Good Things Have To Come To An End???

Chaos has consumed my life in the past two months.  As you've noticed, blogging has not been a priority in the months leading to summer.  Preparing a child with autism for change is hard work, and believe me, I'm working HARD.

My babe is currently putting me through an emotional roller coaster ride as I've decided that the two of us are moving.  Moving is a huge deal to these kids, and I'm scared out of my mind myself.

To make matters worse, my support system is crumbling away...  My favorite facebook page Autism Winnipeg is dispersing, and it feels like the end of an era.  Many people I've made connections with I've made because of being involved in Autism Winnipeg.  The friends I have today are all members of Autism Winnipeg, and it saddens me that our time with Autism Winnipeg has come to an end.  I am so grateful for the friends I've made through this group, and feel sad for the people I could have met.

Saddest yet is the group being split three different ways...

Autism Manitoba - for parents and caregivers:

Autism Winnipeg floor time and RDI:

and finally our very own PACE branched out to make it on our own as Autism Winnipeg PACE:

I really hate the idea of Autism Winnipeg splitting up into three different groups, but at least there are options for people to choose from to follow what they want or need.  Autism Winnipeg floor time and RDI is quite specific, and while the group embraces everyone, its main focus is the floor time and RDI therapy.

Autism Manitoba - for parents and caregivers is a fantastic new group designed to group all of us together into one big family, and I thank Crystal for starting this group.  I'm hoping it becomes what Autism Winnipeg started to be.

Autism Winnipeg PACE is Mike's (Superdad) and my own baby.  It's all about the kids and parents getting together to support one another in person.

So, whatever you like, it's there for the grabbing.  Any questions, feel free to contact me.

Consider yourselves hugged,