Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Scandal Exposed in Major Study of Autism and Mercury

Scandal Exposed in Major Study of Autism and Mercury

I don't know where you stand on vaccinations, but I do know there are two teams:  team anti-vaccination, and team pro-vaccination.

You have to admit, there controversy is a never ending one.  With stories of Somalian children coming to the States perfectly healthy, then upon vaccination, 50% turn autistic, there is a likelihood that vaccinations do not CAUSE autism, but trigger the autism.  I'm fairly certain that's what happened to Dayton...

Another autism mom commented on the Autism Winnipeg Facebook Page one day during a debate whether or not vaccines are responsible for autism:  "genes are the gun, and environment (ie/ vaccines) are the trigger."

All of us have a genetic disposition for one thing or another.  Think of heart disease, Parkinson's and cancer.  I myself have a mutant gene that causes breast and ovarian cancer.  Will I get cancer?  It's not a 100% certain, however given the right circumstances (environment), I have a higher risk than most of the female population to end up having breast or ovarian cancer.  So I opted for preventative surgeries to ensure that I don't end up with the same fate as my mom who passed away at age 48.

Something's happening in our environment for the rate of autism to continue to grow.  There are children who have never been vaccinated and still have autism.  I'm thinking as a society, major industrial changes have taken place in the last hundred years.  A hundred years ago, there was no fast food services as we have today.  Our live stock was not vaccinated.  We grew our own food in our gardens.  Everything we ate was made from "scratch."  Today you can walk into a grocery store and buy pre-packaged meals full of chemicals and preservatives, the main one being MSG.  And there are people out there allergic to MSG.  Allergies are popping up left, right and centre.  Allergies that weren't there a hundred years ago...

Just some food for thought.

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