Monday, 30 January 2012

Mayday! Mayday! School Spirals Out Of Control!!! Part Deux!

I posted a link to my last post called Mayday!  Mayday!  School Spirals Out Of Control on my facebook page, and got a quite a few responses I'd like to share with you, beginning with the mother's response:

  I'm not private Lou :) I am so tired of keeping all this inside and not telling anyone what is happening to my boy!!! Kyle was denied funding this year and so now he has no help in school. He HAS made some HUGE progress over the past year but he is still moderatly functioning Autism with Global developmental and adaptive delays, ADHD, anxiety disorder, seizure disorder and probably the first kid in canada to be diagnosed with Wandering. Because the school wouldn't provide the amount of help that Kyle needs, I got him an Autism service dog who is also trained for seizure detection. I got an email from the principal back in November telling me that I was not premited to be wandering the halls with my dog and that she was no longer allowed into the school. I responded immediatly with telling her that Bella is a service dog and provided her with a copy of her certifacation papers and telling her that she is violating Kyle's human rights by not allowing her in the school. This was on a friday, I then got an email from the special childrens services co-ordinator on Saturday morning at 6:50 am telling me the same thing as the principal. She harrassed me ALL weekend long so I did contact a human rights lawyer that Saturday morning but didn't tell her that I had been communicating with him about everything the whole time until she got really nasty and mean. We had everything arranged for Monday morning and the lawyer sent them a fax first thing in the morning. I am sueing the principal, the interlake school division and the board of education for denying Bella access to the school. BUT, They are now saying that Bella can come in, but they need a note from his Dr. stating that Bella is a part of his therapy. BUT, before The Dr will write the note, he has to talk to the school. BUT the school will not talk to him!!! See how this is working?!?! They try to stop EVERYTHING I am trying to do to help my boy. They deny funding so I take things into my own hands to help him by getting the service dog and then the deny the dog!!! And with this toileting issue..I can only imagine how many time's this has really happened cause I can only mention the time's that I know of because I have seen it with my own eyes!! ALL of last year, Kyle had an EA with him 100% of the time because he was only partly verbal (one word at a time) BUT now that his service dog has helped him to talk and lower his anxiety, the school doesn't think that he needs any help anymore..And toileting is only one of the issues..there are many issues I have with this school!!!!!

AND you wanna know their #1 reason for denying him funding...its because he doesn't have major behaviour problems!!! When he gets overwhelmed at school, he shuts down instead of melting down. So, If I could get him to melt down instead of hiding in a corne or under a table with his hands over his ears and his eyes closed then he would prob get the funding!!

More responses from others that do not know the mom:

didn't think that anyone can turn someone away that has a service dog, and not allow that dog in a school she should look into that more, she should also look at switching schools.

 omg. Thank heavens are kids are not treated like this

 I will help any way I can. This is not acceptable, there is no reasoning for a child to be sitting in school like this and the fact they are making excuses rather then making sure this NEVER happens again is wrong. I am absolutely floored that he cannot bring his service dog to school, and outraged that this child cannot get the funding he NEEDS.

For those of you interested in hearing the mom's own version, please click on the link below:

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  1. When I read the last post my first inclination was for them to get a lawyer. I am so glad she did. However, I know that's not going to make everyone jump on board, but it sure starts things going.