Monday, 16 January 2012

Ugh... And The Routine Is Broken

I've been off work since February 11th, and just got back to work recently, breaking the routine that is Dayton's safety net...  Grrrrr...

Mr. Barkee Von Schnouser refuses to do his home reading at any other time then "bed time."  I thought it a good idea to do it then to bring him down from his high of a day before bed time, but now that I'm working split shifts to accommodate our lack of daycare...  well, it's just not possible.  In order for me to do that, I'd have to wake him up from his sleep, read a book with him and then sprinkle fairy dust on him to have him go back to sleep...  I'm fresh out of fairy dust, so what's a mamma supposed to do?

So... during my 'break' in split shifts, I'm back to making picture schedules for Dayton and his teenage babysitter.  Thank God for the iPod touch, which takes away all the cutting and pasting and taping and, and, and...  then again, maybe I should go back to the old fashioned way of making a picture schedule and make him a poster of what to expect?  Ugh!!!  I hate picture schedules!!!  And the chances of a teenager worrying about my babe's home reading material is next to notta...

I'm resorting to bribing Dayton today to do his home reading during my 'break.'  Will keep you posted on his progress...  In the mean time, any suggestions, please let me know!!!

Consider yourselves hugged,


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