Saturday, 7 January 2012

Autistic Boy Forced Into Duffel Bag By Teacher

This story was enough to make me want to puke...  Make sure you read it before you continue reading...

I get so riled up when I hear of children with disabilities being treated like animals. If it's not ok to do to a neurological child, then what on earth makes someone think that it's acceptable to do this to a disabled child?  What happened to the saying "You catch more bees with honey than vinegar?"  If a child is being difficult, what on earth makes you think that abusing the child will make him or her "change their mind?"

When has treating people like dirt helped anyone?!  What is wrong with today's society?  Like parents don't have to deal with enough crap when they're out and about.  I'm no stranger to being treated and having my son treated horribly.  But the day I walk into a school and find my boy zipped up in a duffel bag, is the day I go postal on that school.

I'm pretty sure I would end up throwing the aid into the gym bag and roll them down the hallway at high speed to knock down my bowling pins.  The principal would be rolled into a duffel bag of his own and used as a soccer ball for the 5th grade class, and the teacher...  I'd make her choke on her apple.

So we all believe that Hitler was this bad, bad dude who killed millions of jews, right?  What makes our society ANY different if we're going to sit here and allow this type of treatment of our special needs children?!  We are in the process of eliminating a race of people who think differently by tolerating this type of behaviour.  Holly crap!  And the killer of this is that there are no consequences for the school's behaviour!  Who's Hitler now people? We're just as responsible for knowing it's happening and doing nothing about it!

Can you imagine what would happen if a parent did this to their child?  You'd better believe we'd be arrested for child abuse, thrown in jail and they'd throw away the key.  But a school...  a school can treat your child any way they want?!  They have more rights to your child than you do as their parent?!  What the...

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. When Lindsay told me about this I was totally disgusted. I immediately imagined Dayton being in that situation and physically felt pain for the poor child that went through this. I can only imagine that if it had been one of my children there would have been bloody hell and there's no way that I would have been able to remain calm. When are our governments going to realize that there are more important things to invest in than wars and space travel? How about investing in the well being of the inhabitants of our world - people! Which includes everyone, not just the "normal" people - because really, none of us are really that normal!

  2. Totally unacceptable. I wouldn't be just going for the heads of the aide, teacher and principal, but also for the school board for allowing this treatment to be even introduced. I have been very blessed to have my son in a school which has an open door policy, as well as two special needs directors. My son has flourished as a result. However, to get this I had to move provinces. I still cringe thinking what may have been if we had stayed in our previous small town and low funding province.