Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Regression?! Oh Noooooooo!!!

It seems today's parents of children on the autism spectrum have two choices:  stay at home and starve so your child continues learning, or go to work so you can provide a roof over his or her head, their medication and let's not forget to feed them.  At least that seems to be the choice in my household...

I could write a country song this month:  my cell phone died, my car died and I'm broke so I had to go back to work.  Literally people, not kidding.  

Since going back to work last month, I've had little time to spend with Dayton on his home reading and spelling.  Working split shifts because I lost daycare two years ago and am only available while Dayton's in school and after his babysitter gets home from school gives me an hour and a half a day with my baby...  It's killing me, but if I'm going to be able to afford his $300.00/month medication, pay the rent, and now a freaking car loan since my car bit the dust, I have to work.  Which means Dayton gets less attention from me when it comes to school work.  Dayton's tickled pink by this, but I'm not.  

Since Dayton's dad was home for the weekend, I had him help Dayton with his home reading for the last couple of nights.  He called me at work to tell me how disappointed he was in Dayton's reading, that my babe has regressed in his reading skills.  Well, dress me up and call me 'dolly,' that sure made me feel like a million bucks!  Yeah, who's your mamma?!  Made me wanna shove that mother of the year award right up his...  I think you get the point...

I've noticed Dayton's list of spelling words for the week are getting simpler too...  Was going back to work a mistake?  Should I have just stayed at home, survived off Mr. Noodles and Kraft Dinner and not be able to afford his medication?  What's the right thing to do?

Consider yourselves hugged,


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