Sunday, 5 February 2012

PACE: What A Hit! Our First Kid's Gymboree!!!

Our first PACE Kid Gymboree on January 28th was a success!

Organising an event for our children on the autism spectrum is not easy...  I had called around at different McDonald's explaining what I wanted:  Reserve the play structure room for 13 kids on the autism spectrum with their parents.  I wanted to make sure that parents would be able to sit in the play structure room while their kids played and didn't need to make the decision of allowing their kids to play or to sit outside with them and having to listen to them whine.

The St. Vital McDonald's could not "accommodate" us.  Seriously?!  So, I made the reservation at the St. James location.  I will never go to the McDonald's in St. Vital, and hope you make it a point of not going there either.

Once SuperDad got to the St. James location, he was told there was no reservation for us...  Fortunately, they got us in, and everything worked out thanks to SuperDad, and we began our very first PACE gymboree!  And what a turn out!!!  7 families!!!  We had an awesome time!  The kids got to interact with each other, the parents got to sit down and have a coffee, intervene with the kids when necessary (which I would like to add was MINIMAL), and we all had a good time!!!

I found the hardest part of this get together was actually getting out of the house and starting the car to get to McDonald's.  When the time came to go home, I was ready to go, but glad we had the opportunity to get out and meet some incredible kids and new friends.  An afternoon well spent!

Some pictures of our excursion:  Note the awesome dad playing with his son.  Another dad going down the slide with his cute little guy.  I love these super involved dads!!!

Daddy knows how to help a meltdown.  What a good daddy!!!

The boy agrees...  He's got the best daddy ever!  What a beautiful moment!

The mid age group wasn't expected to play with the little ones.  Here they are having fun with a board game.  And to think, most of them didn't want to come, look at them!  They didn't want to leave!

Isn't he adorable?  Don't you just wanna grab those cheeks?  What a cutie!

What a happy mom!  The adults are all engrossed in conversations and sharing stories, ideas and encouraging each other.  Everyone's having a great time!

Mike, as always, having a wee bit too much fun!  This is a perfect example of why I call him SuperDad.  He will do whatever it takes to put a smile on the kids' faces.

If you're struggling to meet with people, secluding yourself and your kids in the house, please message me to find out about our next get together.  Spring is coming soon, and I'm hoping to organise more outdoor activities for the kids!

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