Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

I've been suffering from a nasal issue since the end of September.  I really need to make the time to go see a doctor...  I've become a nasal spray junkie, AGAIN.  I just can't seem to get off the juice this time.  I've switched to Claritin nasal spray and been on it at least once a day, piggy backed with some pseudoephedrine tablets to try to get myself off the juice for the past two months.  It's not working.  Like I said, I've had this problem since the end of September.  Not being able to breathe through my nose makes me rather irritable, which makes my sarcasm that much more difficult to control.

Naturally, this means that sometimes Dayton suffers the consequences of my crankiness and sarcasm.  He's learned so much from me these past few months, my most favourite, "yeah, how about no," something I wasn't aware I used as much as I did.  Turns out the apple don't fall from the tree.

Me:  "Dayton, how about cleaning up your room before playing any video games?"
Dayton:  "Yeah, how about no."
Me:  "Dayton!  What makes you think you can say that to me?!"
Dayton:  "You say it all the time!"
Me (flustered...  so flustered.  And a wee bit ticked off:  "You don't talk to me like that!"
Dayton:  "Then why you talk to me like that?"  (Isn't it funny how we can't ask our kids on the autism spectrum 'why,' as we always confuse them, but yet here he is asking me 'why?!'  Grrrr.  I'm not a fan of double standards, and apparently, neither is he).

I suppose I had it coming.

Anyways.  I'm laying in bed one day, feeling dizzy and wee bit nauseated and can't breathe...  Dayton jumps on my bed and is looking at me with a funny look on his face.

Me:  "Hey babe, what's up?  Mamma can't breathe again, time to relax, OK?"
Dayton:  "I think I've figured out why you can't breathe mamma."
Me:  "Really?  OK, tell me your theory buddy."
Dayton:  "Let me get a closer look mamma.  I wanna be sure when I tell you."  (He must be exact in what he tells me...)  He lays on top of me with his face just under my chin.  What the...
Dayton:  "Yup, here's your problem mamma, you have a lot of hair in your nose.  That's why you can't breathe!"

He was so proud of himself!  Next shopping trip I must buy a nose trimmer...  Seriously?!

Consider yourselves hugged,


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