Friday, 24 February 2012

Wanted: An Exorcism For My Butt

My butt needs an exorcism.  This is not a joke.  I'm in pain.  It hurts to sit, and it hurts to lie down.  Why you may ask.  Because Big Momma had a wee bit too much fun.  No, really.  PACE's first Kid Gymboree happened this past Tuesday.  And it's gonna happen again.

It appears my body is made of muscle that just so happens to be covered in this sheet of bumpy 'adipose tissue' to protect the delicate structure of my gorgeous muscles, especially my six pack stomach.  Oh yes, and around the hips...  Who am I kidding, my arms, legs, heck... even my fingers and toes.

SuperDad literally flew ever so gracefully around the gym, while your's truly kept tripping over her own feet.  At one point I thought taking my shoes off would be a good idea...  Remember Bambi on ice?  Yup, now picture a hippo...  that was me on the gym floor, playing badminton with the girls. They kicked my butt.  Literally.

The most important thing to me was that the kids had FUN!  We had the whole autism spectrum there, all age groups, from four years old to 13.  We even had a really cute respite worker there, compliments of a fellow autism mom who brought her cutie pie son and daughter with her.

We played hockey, basketball, badminton, put puzzles together and just ran around the gym.  There was lots of laughter, lots of action, and SMILES!!!  There's nothing more gratifying than a child's genuine smile.  It just makes me melt.  Their smiles tell me that the pain I'm going through now is worth it, and I can hardly wait to get into the gym again.

It's all worth it.  Look at them!!!

I wanted to go next...

At one point, little Johnny snatched a puzzle piece from me because I was taking too long...

SuperDad plays ball with his girl

Jonathan Toews???  Why, yes...  he's my daddy!  LOL

Looks like I'm not getting a turn...  LOL

I've killed Lou's butt, your turn SuperDad!

Putting together a 3D puzzle...  The girls were super at this!!!

Holla hoops!

Can we combine hockey with medicine ball?!

Hoola hooped out!
If you know of a butt exorcist, please send them my way.

PACE Kid's gymboree meets every Tuesday from 6:30pm till 8pm.  For more information, check out

Consider yourselves hugged,


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