Sunday, 12 February 2012

IEP Hero... And Yes, I Have Pictures To Prove It!!!

IEP meetings, actually, come to think of it, any meeting with your child's school can be a traumatic, emotionally draining experience for a parent with a child on the autism spectrum. I've managed to survive so far, with the help of CFS, CSS, Dayton's behavioural specialist and Valium.  The most traumatic meeting, and I do mean traumatic, was the meeting I had for Dayton's level III funding for a full time aid so he could be autistic all day as opposed to half the day.  It left me feeling raw, humiliated and in need of extra Valium downed with lots of wine.  I remember last year's IEP meeting where I ended up getting sick (I mean literally SICK) and went home to vomit and remain sick for a few days after the fact.  What I would have given for a hero!

Anyone's spouse talk like this?  LOL!  Don't you wish they did!!!
For more pictures like these (my stomach still hurts from laughing), check out

I am more than grateful for the support I have received in the last two years, and even more grateful that I no longer need the support of CFS, CSS and Dayton's behavioural specialist this year.  With the new principal and new teacher who understand that I am a good parent, and that I have not neglected my child, that I have not contributed to Dayton's autism in any way, I have a sense of trust in Dayton's school this year.  In saying this, there are many parents out there not as fortunate as I am today.  For those of you still struggling out there, take a look at this article.  I wish I had read it three years ago.

For anyone out there still struggling with anything regarding their child on the autism spectrum and in need of a shoulder to cry on, a good cup of coffee and a sense of community of people that UNDERSTAND what you're going through, check out  We're in the process of getting a place for the kids to hang out and feel accepted among their peers.  Information to follow once we've successfully secured a meeting place.  Also, check this website for our parent Coffee Addicts Anonymous get togethers where we encourage and support one another on a weekly basis.

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  1. hilarious ! i thought i was alone in the world with my thoughts about school meetings ...