Sunday, 1 January 2012

And A Happy New Year To All (iPod, iPad info too)

The Christmas holidays have come and gone, and so has my money.  Yes, I am officially b.r.o.k.e...  Thank goodness Santa got me a new job to pay off the holiday bills!

The boys have torn down my Christmas tree (that is the cat, Dayton and Glen), then packed up the decorations while I tried to get better.  I'm either suffering from allergies or a cold and it's driving me to become a nasal spray junkie.  Coming off the stuff is just not pretty...

For Christmas night, we enjoyed a family dinner at Glen's uncle's Eddie's home...  Supper was AMAZING, as auntie Linda is a fantastic cook!  I nearly fell asleep on their sofa with my head in Dayton's lap while he played Angry Birds on his iPod touch with his cousin Diamond.  After about three hours, we ended up back at home and watched movies.  I love movies!

New Year's eve was spent at home watching movies and of course HOCKEY!  Canada won against the US, and then the Canucks disapointed me yet again by losing to LA 1-4.  Booooo Canucks.

Reading the Autism Winnipeg Facebook Page, I saw someone post a question about iPod touch apps for autism, and those of us with kids on the spectrum are pretty much all over iPod and iPad apps as most of us with kids on the autism spectrum have been sold on Apple's innovations.

The link below is not just for parents of kids on the autism spectrum, but for Educational Assistants, teachers and kids with ADD, ADHD or any other kind of cognitive delays.

Hope you find this as informative as I have.

Love this spread sheet!!!

one more link:



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