Sunday, 13 November 2011

Super Dad, A Hero In My Eyes

Finally, I finally got a chance to meet my new hero, whom I will from now on refer to as Super Dad.  He's earned the title.  I know of no other man who is as selfless, warm and caring as this man.

Super Dad is a single father of five, that's right, FIVE children, three of which are biologically his, and the two youngest are his niece and nephew.  Their ages range from seventeen to...  drum roll please...  three!!!  Wow!!!  I don't know where the man gets the energy to do it, but he does it and does it well.  The three oldest are on the autism spectrum...  Given these circumstances, Super Dad still finds the time to decorate his home and all of his front yard with Halloween decorations, and come Christmas, he'll do the same!  He does this for his five children, bringing to mind the saying that there is a difference between a 'daddy' and a sperm donor.  Sorry, I don't mean to sound so harsh, but I've met both, and the ones in between.

Super Dad's Halloween work

My favourite snap shot of Super Dad's handy work

He's such a proud Super Dad!  He even brought out pictures for me to see his kiddos.  How embarrassing for me...  I have tons of pictures of Dayton on my blackberry, but I forgot it on my trip home from BC, and it's in the mail, so I had none to show him...  And here I think of myself as an awesome mom!  Woops.

Raising five kids, Super Dad even finds time to keep a beautiful garden of flowers around his home.  He showed me pictures of tiger lilies and other flowers, and I shamefully had to admit I have a black thumb.  My plants have all died since I moved, including my cactus.  How do you kill a cactus you may ask...  Just bring it over to my home,  I'll have it dead in a week.

Why am I raving about Super Dad?  I have one child on the autism spectrum, ONE.  I dread Halloween.  A hyper boy to begin with, Dayton looks and behaves like a squirrel on acid with OCD when introduced to candy.  Even his voice changes and he talks so fast I can hardly understand him.  I have no energy to put up Halloween decorations.  Christmas time is different.  While I still don't have the energy, celebrating the birth of Christ is very important to me.  There's no candy involved in my house other than baked cookies.  I can handle that.  How Super Dad does it with three on the autism spectrum is remarkable.

It gets better...  Super Dad is changing careers...  He's just recently got hired as an educational assistant.  He's inspired me to take a look at this career choice myself.  I love pharmacy, but I really want to make a change in someone's life.  As  Leo Tolstoy has said:  "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themself."  Time to make a change within myself.

Super Dad without caffeine, LOL.  Can you believe this guy is single ladies?  Once you get past  the mask, he's a heart breaker, I swear!  LOL

Consider yourselves hugged,


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