Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Take Your Shoes Off!!!

So, I'm in the middle of finishing up Dayton's home reading last night.  We get two books a day to read, and of course he's behind a few reading levels in comparison to his peers in grade four.  The book we're reading last night is called Birthday Balloons and consists of 16 pages.  We make it to page 12, where the Tom the birthday boy is about to make his little baby sister stop crying by sharing one of his birthday balloons, when Dayton notices that Tom is wearing shoes...

"Mamma!  Stop!!!"
"What's wrong?!"
"Tom!  He's wearing  SHOES!!!"
"You're right babe, he is wearing shoes.  Now let's finish the book, we're almost done babe."
"Why is he wearing shoes?"
Oh no...  Come on kid, we're almost at the end of the book, and I'm really tired here kiddo...
"Dayton, some families don't take their shoes off in their house."
"But he shouldn't wear shoes in the house mamma."
"You're right babe, that's our rules in our home.  If Tom came to our home, we would ask him to take his shoes off."
Dayton starts flipping through the book...  "Mamma!!!  They're all wearing their shoes in the house!!!"
"Babe, I think the point of the story here is that Tom shared one of his birthday balloons with his baby sister, which made her stop crying when no one else could get her to stop.  It was Tom's birthday, and he could have been selfish and not shared, but he did Dayton..."
"But the shoes..."
"Babe, forget about the shoes!"
"I can't!!!"

We did eventually get through the book, but I couldn't guess how long it took us to actually 'read' the book, discussing and reading it took well over an hour...  I just didn't have the strength to do spelling with him.  I was spent.  I actually broke out in a sweat.  It's been a while since Dayton's perseverated over something so small...

My own perseverance on the word mamma...  I've learned just past two weeks ago that I've been spelling the word mama wrong...  and for the life of me, I can't stop it.  What is wrong with me?  Hahahahaha, I guess we all have issues...

Consider yourselves hugged,



  1. LOL - you can spell mama/mamma any way you want but as for perseverated - I don't know where that one came from! :)

  2. Well, thank goodness I got the mamma part down right! I really don't like admitting I'm wrong to this certain someone. LOL... As for perseverated or perseverating, it is what autistic kids do. It's another term for "obsessing," but the medical term would be perseverating.