Thursday, 24 November 2011

My New Dishwasher

He's such a little darling, my little Dayton, and he's turning ten soon.  Sitting at the kitchen table with his Grandpa Hans, I'm drooling all over myself as I'm really, really sick now...

"Dayton, why don't you empty the dishwasher out for mom?"
"Ok grandpa."

Oh my God.  He's gonna break every dish in the house, but I have no strength or energy to stop it from happening.  Dayton may be turning ten in February, but he's inherited my swag, you know where you can trip over a cordless phone?  Oh well.  Thank goodness for my mother's china in the china cabinet.  No worries...  Just praying with my chin covered in drool that he doesn't break my favorite mug.  The one I start my morning with, not sure what I'd do without it.  You know...  routine, routine, routine...  My own OCD showing now...

Wouldn't you know it, my babe doesn't just unload the dishwasher without breaking my coffee mug, he manages to do it without breaking any dishes.  I think his OCD must have kicked in, because he did it so well, that everything is in exactly its correct place.  Hoooooray!!!  Woot-Woot!!!

Yes, my dear boy.  You're getting an 'empty the dishwasher' magnet to earn your magnets...  Mamma's gonna give you more chores to do, oh yessss....  Mamma loves you baby!

Consider yourselves hugged,


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