Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Are We Upside Down Or Right Side Up?

Most of us go on with our lives never really thinking about our world and how it all comes together.  We don't focus our world of illusions.  We are so accustomed to talking about the sunset and the sunrise.  No romance novel talks about the globe spinning on an axel or the world turning and therefore we have day and night.  It's just not romantic literature, is it?  He looked in her eyes as the world turned a little more and the sun was gone, replaced by dusk...  Yeah no...  I think I'll stick with sun sets, thanks.

How does this work with a little guy on the autism spectrum who thinks visually?  Who thinks in pictures?  Has Dayton seen a globe?  Yes, he has.  He knows the earth is round, but has a question...  "Mamma, are we at the bottom of the globe?  Won't we fall off?  Are we standing upside down?  How does it spin?  Does it go left to right or right to left or upside down?"
"Baby, ask your teacher."

Feel free to answer Dayton's questions, and consider yourselves hugged!


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