Tuesday, 1 November 2011

It's Not My Rules, It's My Brain's!

So, I'm having a difficult time with homework with Dayton...  We've been gone for a week and a half, and he has no problems doing the home reading part with me, but he will not write...

His reasoning:  "I do school work at school, and home reading at home."
"Dayton, you're missing two weeks of school for us to be out here, and your teacher's given us some work to do while you're gone..."
"Mamma, we're not at school.  I only do school work at school, not at home."

"Babe, your sense of reasoning is not helping me here, and I can't handle all these rules.  Let's just do the work!!!"

"Well mamma, it's not my rules, it's my brain's." 
Well, what the heck am I supposed to do with that information?!  Helloooooooo, how do I argue this point?!  Argh!!!!

He has no reasoning skills.  I can't figure out if he's just being a 10 year old trying to get away with not doing his work, or if he's really not able to get past this 'school work is done at school and home reading is done at home' method of thinking.  All I know is that it gets my panties in a knot, and it makes him scratch his skin even harder.  You know, the way someone going through withdrawals might scratch...  Kind of makes us both feel uncomfortable.  If I push harder, he goes into meltdown city, and I'm just not up to the challenge right now. 

Anyways, consider yourselves hugged, and if you have some advice, for the love of everything Holly, SHARE it with me, please!!!


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