Thursday, 3 November 2011

Stalker, Run Mamma!!!

Poor Dayton...  He had a smidgen of a meltdown at the mall... 

We had just crossed the parking lot and were making our way to the front entrance of the mall, when Dayton started to panic...  "Mamma, someones following us!" 
"It's all right babe, mamma's here, she won't let anything happen to you."
"But mamma, he's right behind us!"
"Dayton, it's all right..."

Dayton looked so scared...  I didn't want to scare him further, so I pulled him aside and stopped.  The man behind us passed, and held the entrance door open for us. 

"See buddy, it's OK." 
He wouldn't move. 
"He's weird lookin."

Oh no...  While I may see his comment as call it like you see it innocence (yes, he's almost ten years old, but he's delayed emotionally at about a five to six year old level), most strangers just consider it down right rude.  Or they think he's a spoiled brat and I don't discipline him.  This man was no exception.  I got the 'smirk,' and the spin on his heel and the door shut in my face.  Just as well...  Dayton was finally able to proceed through the door and enter the mall.

"There's that man again mamma!  Why is his hair so long?  Why does he wear those chains?  Why is his hair all different colors?  He's weird..."

Oh my goodness...  I steer Dayton in a different direction.  While we've learned not to point out the obvious, Dayton still hasn't mastered this skill either.  I sure hope he does, and soon...

Consider yourselves hugged,



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