Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Volunteering In The School

I volunteered to help out with hot lunch today at Dayton's school.  I've done it once last year and really liked seeing Dayton's classroom and his peers, watching them all interact together, like a whole separate little community.  Parents rarely get the opportunity to see their kids in action, and if I get an opportunity, I'm all over it.  I strongly recommend volunteering at your child's school if the opportunity presents itself.

My babe remembered I was coming to help out with the hot lunch today, and he came scampering down the hall to greet me, a big huge smile on his face, his arms stretched out to hug me.  I love it when he wants to hug me!  It's so rare to have him be affectionate, I take what I can get these days, and to see him not care what his peers thought about our affectionate exchange warmed my heart and made my day!

What a difference in classrooms from grade three to grade four.  Bigger desks, and chairs that even I could sit in without feeling like a giant.  Last year, sitting beside Dayton in one of 'em 'lil chairs, my feet and butt actually fell asleep, which was surprising since half my butt cheek spilled over the chair seat...  Anyhow....

All the kids behaved super well!  Every single one of them stayed in their seat until finished eating, obeyed the rules, and the educational assistant supervising the classroom during lunch stood at the head of the room, with a paper laying on the desk I was sitting at.  The paper was there to write the names of kids who were disobedient.  Not one name ended up on that paper.

I was thrilled to hear two of the assistants talking about never having a problem with Dayton!  Wow!  That's amazing!  Either the school has new educational assistants this year, or they haven't heard of Dayton's past few years of constant suspensions...  Either way, I don't care.  All I care about is that my babe is doing well, he's not getting suspended and he's following the rules.

Hoping you're having as a good a day as I am, consider yourselves hugged,


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