Monday, 7 November 2011

Home Sweet Home

We're home!  Back on track with routine!  I don't know which one of us needs the routine more, Dayton or I.  While Big D's not crazy about going back to school, I most certainly am...  Mamma loves ya baby!!!  Seeing the school bus this morning coming to get Dayton nearly brought a tear to my eye...

Visiting family back in BC was good, but I missed my home.  While my condo may not be as lavish as my dad's brand new, enormous, fancy home, and needs some serious updates, there's nothing like home sweet home, and our routine.

Funny...  routine, routine, routine.  I hate not being able to stray away from it for Dayton's sake, but I craved it the whole time away from home.  I missed our autism "pic schedules" posted in my washroom for Dayton to focus on morning and bed time routines.  I missed handing Dayton a magnet for his magnet board for doing a job well done.  I missed our bed time routine:  bath, book, bed, TV, a quick cuddle (I don't get them often, and it needs to be in the routine for my sake, not Dayton's), kiss and a hug and finally, lights out.  It's nice knowing that no matter how tough my day is, come 8:30 it's big mamma's time.

While we may have strayed from the routine a wee bit while in BC, and we went there for a sad time in our life, it wasn't all bad...  Dayton got to meet one of his 'Aussie' uncles for the first time as did I, his name is Iain.  Dayton and I both got a chance to meet the other 'Aussie' uncle James last Christmas vacation.  They're both awesome guys!!!  I love their accents, and so does Dayton (quick little story to follow in a few lines).  The highlight of my visit, however charming the 'Aussie' uncles may be, was meeting my little niece Alessandra for the first time in person.  Oh my God, she's just so cute, I wanted to hide her in my purse (trust me, the purse is big enough) and take her home with me.  Having to leave her behind was heart breaking.  Not having the chance to say goodbye to her was even worse.  There's nothing quite like the smell and feel of a new baby, and nothing as awesome to put a smile on your face as a cutie like Alessandra.

Dayton with his auntie Carrie and the beautiful Alessandra

Alessandra and I

Dayton had a fantastic time with his 'Aussie' uncles.  Uncle Iain made sure to beat him with these swimming noodles (now before y'all go callin' CFS, I'd like to add that Dayton won the battle, so relax), and uncle James played golf with Dayton in the back yard.  Both Aussie uncles were awesome with Dayton, and Dayton loves them both to death.  He got to go trick or treating with them for Halloween, as it was their first Halloween!  They don't have Halloween in Australia!  I'm so moving there!!!  While Dayton didn't really care to share his uncles with his cousins, he did it with no complaints.  Their Aussie accents are fun to Dayton...  so much so he got right into a conversation as though he was Aussie himself, following just about everything with a "mate" for friend.

Uncle Iain and Dayton
Uncle James, Alessandra and Dayton

DISCLAIMER: The comments and actions of my child do not necessarily reflect those of my own.

Picture us at supper time.  Uncle Iain and auntie Carrie (Alessandra's parents) made a fantastic pasta supper (I love pasta, and it really does show) and the boys are sitting in the living room.  Glen of course is making fun of someone at all times and has turned his unsolicited comments on uncle James...  I tell Glen to stop because I "like James.  Stop picking on him!"  Glen's uncle Dave:  "I like James too, he's a likable kind of fella."
Dayton:  "Yeah, you would mate, bahahahahahahahaha!"
Fortunately, we all laughed. 

Dayton, talking to my dad:  "You know mate, I wasn't gonna tell you this, but I'm gonna have to say it; you're mean grandpa.  You need to stop being mean mate, or I'm gonna walk out the door and not come back.  I'm gonna take my mamma with me, we don't have to stay here and listen to you be mean mate."  I love it when my babe has my back!!!  Grandpa swore a little too much even for Dayton.  You know things are pretty bad when that's the case.  Most kids find it funny or cool.

Dayton, talking to my dad again:  "Mate, I already told you!  I have to go back to Winnipeg.  I have a cat.  His name is Jack, and I miss him.  He needs fresh food and fresh water, and someone needs to take care of him.  It's not all about you, you know?!  Now mate, you gotta stop asking me to stay with you.  Besides, I gotta go with mamma 'cuz she promised to wrap herself around me if the plane crashes so I don't die.  Now you try to have a 'good eye' (good day in Aussie)."

Dayton, talking to Glen:  "Hey mate, I have a plan!!  Are you scared yet?"

I think the highlight of Dayton time on the West Coast was the fishing.  The boys went out fishing twice, and Dayton was the one that caught the biggest fish.  Their second trip out, they did something I've never heard of...  and I'm not sure if it was the Aussie uncles' idea or Glen's, maybe even Dayton's...  they blew air into the worms, wait for it....  I pray you're sitting down...  using a hypodermic needle.  That's right.  They took a worm in one hand, a hypodermic needle with air in the syringe in the other, and  No one is willing to take the credit for the idea...  I'm thinking it was the Aussies...

Hugging uncle Iain good bye at the airport on our way home brought Dayton to tears that took a couple of hours to change to a smile.  Yes, I bribed him with ice cream, because that's what mothers do.

Consider yourselves hugged,


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