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What The Hell?! Is This Resource Teacher For Real?!

If I have an obsession, it's definitely facebook.  I love it, crave it, want it all the time.  It's the reason I carried my blackberry around everywhere I went in the summer time (normally before that, it was because Dayton's school could call at any time and I'd have to go get him).  Now that the school situation has calmed down (Thank God!!!), I continue to carry it around for texting and facebook.  OK, so I have two obsessions.  Anyways...  the point of this post is not about my obsessions, but another mother's venting on facebook last night...  Man!  I can so totally relate as I've had to deal with this kind of crap for two years before this year.  Again, it's hard to believe I'm dealing with the same school this year.  I don't know what's changed, but I am so grateful for the fantastic start to the new year.  I only hope it continues...
If Dayton's school staff is reading this, keep in mind that I love you this year, and I don't want to damage our relationship...   Autism Diva Help is not about YOU, it's about all parents with children on the autism spectrum in Winnipeg, and the crap we have to put up with because of our wonderful government.  By the way, thanks Premier Greg Selinger.  You're such a freaking gem.  Thanks for your non existent support.  We so totally appreciate it.  Thanks for continually passing my emails and phone calls to someone else so you don't have to deal with our kids. 
Naturally, the little girl's name is changed to "your daughter" to protect her privacy.  Other than that, I've copied and pasted the message word for word.  I thank this wonderful autism mom for allowing me to blog about her facebook post: 
my fb msg to resource last night
******, the agenda book has come home maybe 4 times, notes like "bring a hard thing" today she informs me her diorama is due tomorrow- what diorama?!?!?!? ok, so I've got her older sister out looking for ecosystem stuff, she can get a box from the garage (that I didn't let my husband throw away this weekend) and we can put something together quickly this evening...  I cannot keep doing this, I don't know what time she's supposed to be there on shops day, I don't have any idea what her homework is, she's being stalked by **** at ****, **** has issues with her shoes, and tries to trip her on a regular basis, **** is what she is...especially in the gym change room., which we talked about. please stop the freaking madness.

response- Your daughter has been working with the EA's on the research and written component of her ecosystem. Her diorama is not due until Monday. Tomorrow, she will work with the EAs on the diorama itself - we thought this would be easier than having her try and explain the details, assemble the materials and work on it at home. She is not presenting until Monday. If there are "touch ups" that need to be done, we'll send it home with instructions. If not, we'll just be sending home her practice notes for the presentation. We did not put this is in as homework as we thought it made more sense to do it at school.
Kids need to be at shops for 8:45am.
I know nothing about **** - I know he was supposed to be going to ****, but never had this confirmed.
If *** is tripping your daughter, I'll address it. If **** is still ruling the gym room, I know nothing about it and yes we did address it but something has apparently broken in the plans.
I tried talking with your daughter yesterday? - but she was so excited about going to the doctor's, she couldn't connect with me.
I talked with the teacher this week and asked how your daughter was doing and she said all was well.
I will address the madness and touch base with you tomorrow.
if your daughter ever comes home and says something, about which you know nothing, is due tomorrow, exhale , have a glass or red wine (good for the soul and the blood)and say "How lovely!"
I'll try and touch base with you tomorrow.

my response-
a glass of wine while my daughter melts down...sort of like fiddling while Rome burns .. nice thought though

my girl did the diorama (we didn't know she had til Monday until10pm) insisted on doing her presentation today, would have gone on for hours, was very enthusiastic and detailed - while I'm at my therapist discussing ptsd and the stress that comes along with my beautiful autistic daughter....need wine now!! TGIF!!!!!
· · · 17 hours ago
Naturally, I had a response which I will share with you in a moment.  I've linked my name to my facebook page, so feel free to add me as a facebook friend.  Before I share my facebook response, I would like to add my thoughts on this...
What the hell?!  Seriously?!  These people are teaching our kids!!!  And this is how they send a message to a parent?  I especially like the wine comment.  Very professional!  And what the heck do you mean "If this is really happening?"  Are you calling the parent a liar?!  Seriously?!  Really?!  Yeah, us parents, we like to imagine our children being bullied, 'cuz that's just how we roll.  We enjoy emotional pain.  We also enjoy putting our kids through two projects:  one at home and one at school, because we love putting our kids through double the misery.  Yeah, that's right.  We love tormenting our kids.  Thanks for the 'communication.'
I remember Dayton's last year's teacher leaving a similar comment in Dayton's agenda...  It had to do with a self watering project.  Holly crap.  Really?  I'm supposed to help Dayton with a self watering project with no instructions as to how to accomplish this?  If I knew how to make this happen, my plants would not have died!  I'm not kidding when I say I have a black thumb.  Even my freaking cactus bit the dust.  Literally.  And who's homework is this anyway?  Mine or Dayton's?  I honestly thought the school was trying to send me to the freaking loony bin.  I went as far as to go on facebook to beg people for help.  Not one of my 558 facebook friends knew how to make a self watering system for plants.  Anyone who offered help sent me internet links they found trying to help me out. 
Another good note in Dayton's agenda last year was to memorize a poem.  Also, a grading system was included:  does the student make eye contact?  Does he/she speak in monotone?  Does he/she know all their lines in the poem?  Does he/she interact with the rest of the class as they recite the poem?  How difficult the poem is...  
No list of poems to try to memorize, no authors of poems to check out.  Are you wanting freaking Shakespear here or is Mother Goose enough?!  Define appropriate difficulty woman!!!  What d'ya mean eye contact?  Ummmm, he has autism!  He doesn't like to make eye contact!!!  Monotone?  Have you not met my child?  Again, he has autism!  Interact with the children?  AUTISM!!!  For the love of everything holly!!!  Work with me woman!!!  
Fortunately, it all worked out, too long to write about the whole entire ordeal, but Dayton did all right.  "Whew."  He ended up doing jokes AND a poem, again doing double the work because last year's teacher had no communication skills what so ever, and claimed that she didn't have enough time, and I quote "to write a novella" to tell me about all of Dayton's negative behavior.  Yes, her and I were tight friends! 
All right.  Here's my response to the facebook post. 

    • Ljubica Lovrin
      OMG!!! Can I copy and paste this on my blog with of course my opinion, which in a nut shell is WTF? This is exactly the kind of crap I've dealt with for the past 2 years... Lack of communication, and the famous "if this is happening, then we will address it."
      I'm freaking telling you IT IS happening, so freaking deal with it, cuz you don't want me comin down there and layin the smack down on the kid's rootie poo candy ass byatch!
      As for the wine... Right, if the school thought I even sniffed at a wine cork, they'd be calling CFS in a blink of an eye.

      Call the school division's special needs coordinator and demand a meeting to discuss the lack of communication between home and school. Unacceptable!

      16 hours ago via · · 1 person

      Consider yourselves hugged,


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