Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Soooooo Sick...

Ugh.  Flu season struck early in my home.  It seems as though since the first school day of this year, I've been spending my day time hours popping cold medications, knocking back DayQuil shooters like a morning alcoholic and taking random naps.   Unfortunately, I've developed another horrible habit...  My sinuses have become so congested, I'm beyond Kleenex and steaming showers...  I need a plumber's snake.  Maybe I'll just stick to alternating between the Drixoral and Otravin nasal sprays...  Seems a bit less dangerous.  Yes, I confess, I've become a nasal spray junkie.  I love my Drixoral nasal spray, and get down right irritated and itchy if I can't find the bottle for my next hit.  Who said being sick couldn't be fun?

My afternoons are reserved for Dayton.  Getting him home from the bus after school is always fun.  Dayton doesn't care that mom's sick, it doesn't even phase him that I am so hot, I wear my tee-shirt and shorts outside in the mornings while he's bundled up in his sweater, jeans and a warm jacket.  By the time he gets home from school, I'd better be ready to rock and roll baby.  This was not the case yesterday...

My babe got off the bus, and he looked so sad!  He looked ready to cry!  When I asked him "what happened buddy," he just dropped his back pack and jacket, sat on the pavement and said "mamma, I'm sick.  My tummy hurts."

I picked my babe up off the pavement and gave him a piggy back ride back home.  After settling him on the couch with his cat, I ran back outside to get his jacket and back pack.  By the time I got back, Dayton was begging for "medicine mamma...  Make it go away."  My poor baby!

I held and rocked my baby, cuddled him tight to me and watched cartoons.  I'm a cuddly kind of gal, and I relished every moment of the cuddles.  We didn't even look at his back pack.  Didn't do homework, didn't study our spelling words for Friday's test.  We just 'hung out' and cuddled.  And it felt sooooooooo good!!!

For those of you with kids on the autism spectrum, you know what I'm talking about.  When do we ever get to cuddle with our kids?  For those of you with kids not on the spectrum, let me tell you.  Almost NEVER.  Almost.

The only time Dayton allows me to cuddle with him is when he's sick.  He really doesn't feel well if he sits beside me long enough for me to wrap my arms around him.  These moments are so rare!  As a mother, I want to cuddle with my baby, but my baby doesn't really care to cuddle back with me.  So, I steal these moments with my son, and while I don't wish harm to my babe, don't want him to be sick, I also cherish the moment of intimacy with him.  Does this make me a bad mom?  I hope and I pray not.

Of course, being born a woman and a Catholic, I didn't stand a chance...  I feel guilty, not only for enjoying my son finally cuddling with me on account of his having a sore tummy, but not doing his homework, and I cat breed true by doze.  Today doesn't look much better.  Ugh.  Oooh, I know, a good shot of DayQuil, a squirt of Drixoral and a nice nap will make it all better!  Oh, and maybe a little gravol to stop today's visitor, Mr. Nausea...

Consider yourselves hugged,


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