Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Accusations And Hate E-mail

Awwwww, shucks.

It appears I've ruffled a few feathers out there.  I seemed to have raised some controversy, and made a couple of people a little "uncomfortable."  Believe me, I don't take this lightly, as I am a people pleaser, constantly bending over to make people comfortable and desperately wanting to be liked by everyone involved in Dayton's care.  So, hearing that there are people out there that don't like what I have to say does hurt, but I have to keep my focus on what's most important at heart.  This really, really sucks!

Being accused of not having respect for people, their positions in organizations, their work, etc. is disturbing to me.  I have a lot of respect for Dayton's teachers, his principal and especially his resource teacher.  Dayton's guidance counselor and I have a major personality clash, but in saying this, I respect her position with the school.  Do I agree with every view these women have?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  But there is a major difference between 'disagreement' and 'disrespect.'

I have never spit in any one's face, kicked them in their shins, publicly humiliated or threatened them in a personal or professional way.  Dayton does this on his own when he's treated with little respect.  In saying this, I do not appreciate or respect people or organizations that are working for their own gratification, for recognition or helping our children only if it helps their political ambitions.  What do politics have to do with our children's disabilities?  Your own political agendas and your ambition for recognition does nothing for our children, or for me, so please spare me your hate E-mail.  I have bigger and better things to worry about.  When those of you worried about lining your own pockets make our children's education a priority, I will show you respect.  Look at my son's face.  Does this look like you have our children's education and safety in mind? 

This happened during school recess, with a full time aid, two weeks ago.  The school staff told me Dayton "fell off the swing," while Dayton tells me he was "pushed off" the swing.  Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.  Either way, I'm not impressed.  When I picked Dayton up from school, blood was coming out of his mouth and face.  The white of his right eye was an angry red, and I feared for his eye.  Driving like a maniac to the nearest hospital, my son was speechless.  I was told by the nurse that Dayton was in pain and in shock, which is why he wasn't speaking, something common among children on the spectrum.  Dayton didn't speak for two days. 

For those of you thinking I have no respect for you, look at my baby's face one more time.  Ask yourself "if this was my child, what would I think?"  Then put yourself in my shoes.  Do I blame the principal?  No.  Do I blame the resource teacher?  No.  Do I blame the guidance counselor?  No.  Who then do I blame?  The Manitoba government for not educating our educators and aids.  That's who I blame. 

When Dayton is playing in our back yard, I'm right there with him.  When he plays on the play ground, I'm outside on my camping chair with him.  When he goes swimming, I'm in the swimming pool with him.  I don't do this because I can't bear the thought of not seeing him 24/7.  I do this because when Dayton gets an idea, he follows through with that idea, without thought of the danger it poses to him or others.  It's called AUTISM.  I know my son looks good, he gets his good looks from me.  But even though he's the handsomest little man I've met in my life, he has AUTISM.  This means I can not leave him unattended.  He needs care every single second of the day.  Our schools do their best with the funding they receive and within the parameters they've been given, parameters and funding given by the Manitoba government.  So, my problem is with the government, not you personally.  Just because I don't agree with your views of removing God from our classrooms, does not mean I don't respect you.  The minute you're more concerned with your own agenda and acknowledgement than our children's education, is the instant I lose respect for you.

I hope I've made my stand clear.  This is Canada.  We have freedom of speech here, do we not?  You don't like my blog, don't read it.  No one is forcing you to.  Be assured, you will not silence me, no matter how many hate E-mails you send me.  I will continue to fight for our children's education, they are OUR future!

Consider yourselves hugged,


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