Monday, 9 May 2011

Autism Help In Public School Fading

When I read this story, my heart nearly broke into pieces.  It is an absolute sin to have your expertise questioned simply because someone doesn't agree with your opinion, or because you have a moral compass and "inconveniently" expose the truth.  While this may not be happening here in Winnipeg, Ontario is our next door neighbor, and our school divisions throughout Canada are very much the same, with the exception of Alberta.

I know since I have been ruffling feathers on a daily basis through school divisions and the government, Dayton's school has done what they can to make my life a living nightmare.  I can only imagine what they've done to this poor woman as a professional!

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  1. I think what is most disturbing is that she did not work for any school district. She worked for an autism advocacy agency. Clearly, they have become totally ineffective when they start firing people for advocating 'too strongly'. I hope the parents in that community are successful in having her reinstated.