Friday, 27 May 2011

Dayton's Principal Retires

I am so confused.  As much as I've disagreed with most of the Principal's views, she is the only person that Dayton actually respects at his school.  Respect and "like" are two different things, and while Dayton rejoices at the prospect of having this principal retire, I'm not so sure I care for this tid bit of news.

This principal is tough.  She doesn't take Dayton's crap or anyone else's for that matter.  She knows everything that's happening in the school, I swear, this woman is the mother you hear about with eyes in the back of her head.  She sees it and knows it all.  No student is able to get away with anything without her knowing about it.  Sure, she's sliped here and there, but all she has to do is give Dayton "the look."  You know the look.  The one that makes you shake in fear, the one that makes you stop, think, then do what you're told to do. 

Like I've said, her and I don't really see eye to eye on very much, but when it comes to Dayton...  I don't know...  But lately, it seems that out of all the staff, she's the one most interested in learning about autism.  I just think Dayton could learn a lot from her.  I think she's the type of person Dayton needs to have as an aid.

Dayton's had good aids, that are kind, generous and have been able to connect with Dayton on a personal level.  He's had some bad ones too.  But even with the good ones, he seems to control them, rather than the aid controlling him and his behavior.  Perhaps the word control is not a good choice of wording...  But do you know what I mean?  At home, Dayton knows I'm the parent, and he will do as I say.  At school, he seems to be under the impression that he is an 'equal' with the staff, and doesn't seem to view the staff as 'authority figures,' with the exception of his principal that is...

Dayton's resource teacher is wonderful with Dayton, and he seems to work well with her, probably because she takes him out of the classroom to the resource room, where it's just the two of them, knee to knee, working 'together.'  I have never had an issue with the resource teacher, even though Dayton has stolen her pop and her apple...  The little rascal.  I wish I could talk to her more often.

The guidance counselor...  well, let's just say her and I do not get along.  Unfortunately, Dayton knows exactly what Glen and I think of her.  She's one of those hoity toity women who thinks she's above us all.  She's made me so uncomfortable that I have Dayton bussed to and from school.  I don't like meeting her in the school, as she just seems to judge me.  Whenever I see her, I hear all the negative things Dayton is doing.  Rarely ever do I hear a positive remark from her regarding Dayton.  Fortunately, I'm not the only one that's seen her hostility.  The CFS worker advocating for Dayton in the school has met her hostility head on, on numerous occasions, as well as my CSS worker and Dayton's behavior therapist.  The three of us have discussed her hostility, chawking it up as just her 'personality.'  Unfortunately for us, the principal is not taking this woman with her in her retirement. 

So, upon learning of the Principal's retirement, I first congratulated her, and told her how much I respect her.  Again, differing views and respect are two different things...  I then asked her if she would consider coming back as Dayton's aid...  I think she thought I was being sarcastic or perhaps joking, but I'm not.  She has the right personality for the job.  She's strong minded, just like Dayton.  She knows how to get him to cooperate.  Dayton knows that she is in charge, making it less likely for him to disobey or be defiant.  There are times when the principal was actually able to discern the difference in Dayton's autistic behavior and him just being a nine year old boy, trying to push buttons and see how far he can go...  Not always, not the majority of the time, but non the less, she's made some great progress with Dayton, and I fear her retirement will make a huge impact on Dayton's learning.  Maybe, just maybe, she'll get bored and come back...  as Dayton's aid.  Maybe...

In the mean time, I will pray for the new principal to have some knowledge on autism, to train the staff and give them some autism programming. 

Just my crazy thought for the day...

Consider yourselves hugged,


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