Sunday, 29 May 2011

Concern Over Autism Diva Help Blog - Need Your Help

I got a phone call from Dayton's school division to discuss their concern over my blog.  When I met with the lady, she was straight with me.  I like that.  There was no mistaking her intentions, and I felt comfortable telling her my own intentions with this blog.  Do I like criticism?  Nope.  But there's something about 'constructive criticism' that I don't mind.

The lady was concerned about the blog's affect on my relationship with Dayton's school.  I explained to her that after the principal retires, I basically won't have a relationship with the school, and so far, even with the principal there, the relationship has been very strained.  While I feel comfortable talking to the principal, I can not work with the guidance counselor, and as a result of her constant disrespect of me as human being, I'm having Dayton bussed to and from school, so that I don't have to enter the school.  How difficult do you think it is for me to have to send Dayton back there, day after day, when I myself feel so uncomfortable?

I do feel bad about one of my posts regarding the principal, where I titled the post Email To Ms Cruella Deville aka Dayton's Principal.   The post itself I don't feel bad about at all, but I suppose the title is hurtful, and it was not my intent to hurt the principal.  I never thought the principal would read it and therefore didn't consider her feelings.  I honestly didn't expect Autism Diva Help to be this popular.  I'm still in shock that in exactly 3 months of launching Autism Diva Help, I've had just under 5,000 hits! 
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4,878 and it's only 11:15 am on a Sunday morning!
Do I really think that Dayton's principal is or resembles Cruella Deville?
Ummmm, no.  But you gotta admit, the title is catchy and interesting.  The goal is to entice people to read my blog, not make them think 'wow, how boring, NEXT.'  My honest opinion, and I hope she reads this, is that she's the only person Dayton responds to and respects.  She actually seems to care about Dayton, where others (well, I think the resource teacher does too) don't seem to genuinely care.  I don't want her to retire, but I think if she does, she'll get bored, and hope she comes back as Dayton's aid.  She's just got a way with him that no one else does.  Dayton loves his resource teacher and seems compliant with her, but the principal has a way of stopping his naughtiness.  Not all the time, but if she's present just before Dayton starts to lose it, she's able to stop it.  If she's too late, no one can stop him.  
There is a difference between a differing point of view and respect.  I do not agree with the principal most of the time, but I do respect her.  My 'beef,' I explained to the school division is not with the school Dayton attends, it's with the education system as a whole.  I understand that Dayton's school is working within the parameters they are given by the government.  I understand that they are doing everything they can within their means.  The problem is that it's not enough.  Who's fault is that?  THE GOVERNMENT.  Unfortunately, all I have is my experience with MY son, and can only write about Dayton and HIS experience.  Which means that I will talk about the issues he has at HIS school. So, how do we get around this?  

Well, I've got Wendy who has been a guest poster on Autism Diva Help.  I'd like more people to get involved not just in reading the blog, but in writing it too.  For those of you too shy to be an 'author,' you can email me your story.  I promise to change the names to ensure privacy.  For those of you willing to give blogging a shot, email me with your google account and I will add you to the blog as an author.  Dads are welcome too...  I wonder what would be a male equivalent to diva?  Maybe we can change the blog name?  Or edit it to include dads?  

Email me with your thoughts!!!  If we really want to raise awareness to the global problem of education of our children, then we need to talk about our global experiences.  Help me do this.  Autism Diva Help is not MY blog, it's OUR blog.  A blog for all parents concerned with their children's education and how they are treated!!!

In the mean time, consider yourselves hugged,


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