Thursday, 22 December 2011

Why Are Men So Irresponsible?!

I'm going to vent a little here...  OK, a lot!  Who am I kidding, this is a man bashing post, but I assure you it's with good reason...

What is wrong with men today?!  With the exception of Super Dad and a couple of men I can count on one hand, what is the problem with men and their responsibility with their children?  I mean seriously?!

I've been at my new job for three whole days now, and I'm ready to fire Dayton's dad.  That's right, I said it family and friends.  I would like to fire my baby's dad.  How do I go about doing that?

Monday:  Everything was fine since I only worked four hours and was able to pick up Dayton off the bus myself when he got home from school.

Tuesday:  I have the opportunity to continue working, and Glen (Dayton's dad) has the day off.  Before I went to work I talk to him telling him how guilty I felt on Monday, leaving my pharmacy team to drown, as they were super busy.  Meanwhile, during my job interview, I bragged how I would go down with the ship like the band in Titanic.  Glen and I both agree that he will pick up Dayton from the bus at 3:10pm, and I will call to remind him at 3pm.  I call his cell phone twice, no answer.  I call him at home twice, no answer...  My new employer wants me to stay...  I run out of the pharmacy telling her I will be right back, but need to check on my baby...  I drive like a maniac home to find the two of them safe and sound, playing Call of Duty...  something completely off limits!!!  No video games period from Monday to Friday, did I not make that crystal clear?!  I drive back to work and slink into the pharmacy completely humiliated.

Wednesday:  Glen calls me at work at exactly 3:10pm.  He tells me he's missed Dayton's bus.  "Exsqueeze me?!  What the bleep bleep bleep do you mean you've missed his bus?!"
"I lost track of time."
"It's the one and only thing you HAD to do today!!!"
"Well, what do I do?"
"GO FIND HIM!!!  Go to his school and if he's not there, then they can call the bus driver!!!  If you don't find him, I'm going to strangle you with my bare hands, do you understand?!  You call me when you get to Dayton's school and you let me know what's happening, got it?!"

Ten minutes later:  "Drove to the school, they called the bus driver and Dayton's still on the bus.  He's on his way home now."
"Good, now stay put and WAIT for him to get there!"
After I get home from work:  "What if I keep Dayton for the day tomorrow, it's the last day of school tomorrow, what's he going to miss?"
"Ummmm, I don't know, his friends?  His teachers?  He's going to be home for two weeks."
"Just thought it would be easier..."
Yes...  because I always have it easy and so does Dayton...  Hmmmm, why didn't I think of that?

Of course Dayton hears this...  "Yeah, I wanna stay home!  Mamma, why you so mean?!"
Guess who won?

Thursday morning:  Looking forward going to work.  At least I know Dayton will not be forgotten on a bus or at school and CFS won't be called for being neglectful.  Getting out of the madhouse for a while will do my soul some good.  My friends don't need to post bail for first degree murder, and Glen's friends don't need to worry about what to wear for his funeral.  Everyone's fine...


Considering myself hugged,



  1. At least I know that I am one of the good ones that you speak of. This story reminds me of another absentee father I am forced to know. On a lighter note, I fed a 4 day old baby today! Woo hoo!

  2. Big Papi, you da man! Hug and kiss that cute lil'baby for me!

  3. I keep reading this post, and it makes Glen sound absolutely horrible... He's not totally bad... he's really not. He loves Dayton, I know he does. He takes him camping and fishing and plays video games with him... I just wish I didn't always have to be the responsible one, that's all.