Monday, 19 December 2011

I Am SPEECHLESS... And That's Saying A Lot!


Holly Molly!

Right now...  I am speechless...  this does NOT happen often, so I urge you all to enjoy it, because I promise you, it won't last long...  I promise...

My day started off as always, with the exception of Dayton refusing to go school because his beloved educational assistant Mrs. H. is no longer at the school, so we missed the school bus and I had to drive him to school.  Then I raced home and got myself ready for my first day at a new job in pharmacy (WHICH I LOVE!!!).

I walked into the pharmacy as nervous as a porcupine walking through a balloon shop.  I've been an instructor for so long, I was sure the current pharmacy technicians had super high expectations of me...  you know, thinking I was God or something...  But they didn't.  In fact, I loved it there so much that I offered to come back after supper when Dayton's dad would be home to watch him.  I LOVED IT!!!  I felt productive for the first time in years!  More productive and appreciated than I had in all my time teaching.  I have a purpose again...  I feel fulfilled!  I can hardly wait until tomorrow when I go back to work!!!  The staff is amazing!!!

After work I had this brilliant idea of going to the bank...  in the mall...  Ohhhhh nnnoooooo....  I forgot about the sadistic Christmas shoppers out there, that are just chomping at the bit to assault you and anyone else standing in their way.  As I was waiting in line at the post office, the young girl standing in front of me in line pretty much verbally accosted the poor cashier.  It was horrible.  I could hardly wait to get home...  The mall is TOXIC this time of year.

After supper...  this is why I'm speechless...  I get a call from Dayton's teacher.  This is at 7pm at night...  and I'm thinking 'oh nnnnnooooo...  I'm going to have to quit my job, here we go...'

"I was just calling to tell you that Dayton had a fantastic day with his new aid.  He did great!  I also wanted to make sure that you knew the spelling test from last Friday is rescheduled for tomorrow.  He should do very well as he practices at school every day.  Oh, and did you get the work book you brought to the IEP meeting?  Would you like me to send Dayton's 'snake habitat' home tomorrow?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  I had told Dayton's teacher that I started my new job this morning, and she said that was another reason for her call, to see how I liked it!!!

I LOVE DAYTON'S NEW TEACHER!!!  I've never, ever had a teacher take the time out of HER evening, her unpaid time, time dedicated to herself and her family...  call me to say my babe had a fantastic day...  I am stunned into silence.  I'm speechless.  Someone pinch me, am I dreaming?!

Thank God for teachers like Mrs. G.  She's amazing!
She's certainly gone above and beyond my expectations...

Consider yourselves hugged,


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