Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sad, Sad and Sad

I had the opportunity to volunteer at Dayton's school today for hot lunch day again, and was again greeted by my little man, arms wide open, big grin on his face.  This time he was accompanied by his educational assistant.  She looked so sad...  and the three of us had a big group hug and spilled a couple of tears together.

As I've mentioned on Friday's post, the best educational assistant that's graced Dayton's school is leaving us...  I'm scared, and in desperate need of a hug.  My boy is very sad.  So the two of us are just hanging out tonight, cuddling and watching a movie to get our minds off the sadness.

The plus side is I got a new job today.  I'm super excited about it, as my new associate seems like an easy going pharmacist to work with.  She's down to earth, no 'mightier than though' attitude, which makes me happy.  I don't want just another job, I want a great place to do what I do best, sell drugs legally.

I've missed pharmacy, the patients and my personal favourite:  blood glucose monitors.  While teaching wasn't horrible, I do miss the patient interaction and knowing that when I come home, I'm all Dayton's.  I thought teaching would have given me more time with Dayton, but it turned out it gave me less time, having to prepare endless lesson plans and curriculum, tests, answer keys, reviews, assignments.  I'm looking forward to being able to leave my work at the pharmacy and have quality time at home with my son, and still earn an income.

So I'm kind of having a bittersweet day today.  Sad over the loss of our "Super EA," but thrilled to be back to being a "Super Tech."  It's what I do best.  That and being a nuisance.  I'm awesome at that too.

Consider yourselves hugged, because that's what I'm doing tonight.  I'm holding my babe, taking turns wiping eachother's tears away.


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