Monday, 5 December 2011

T'is The Season Baby!

Ahhh Christmas, my favourite holiday of the year.  I love the atmosphere, the Christmas spirit, where even people who don't believe in Christ have to admit there's a certain kind of magic in the air.  I love it!

"Mamma, I want Christmas spirit."
"Well babe, Christmas spirit is in your heart."
"No mamma, I want it in my room."
"Ok...  you want to decorate your room for Christmas?"

So one day as I was grocery shopping, I came across this cute little baby fir tree with a snowman wearing red ear muffs and a red and green scarf.  I thought it would look great in Dayton's room, on his dresser, or on his night table.  And it did, for about a day or so.  Then he brought it out to the living room instead.

"I thought you wanted Christmas spirit in your room babe?"
"I do, but not like this."
"You don't like the decoration?"
"I do, but I don't want this decoration."
"Well what kind do you want?"
"I want baby Jesus."

And here I thought Christmas was just about the presents!

My jaw dropped.  I've been doing my best to teach Dayton about our heavenly father, reading a great book called the Lamb that my dad Paul Humphreys had a hand in creating.  It's a fantastic book (which comes with an audio CD if you feel too lazy to read), which teaches young ones (about ages 8-12) about the message of the bible.  After each chapter, there are a list of questions for the young one to answer.  Let me know if you want a copy so I can direct you to the organization or go ahead and look it up for yourself at  Reading it to Dayton, I find it ministers to me as well...  things that I've forgotten, I'm gently reminded about again.  Anyways....

My baby's a believer.  I know this now in my heart.  Whenever I ask him if he believes in God and that Jesus died for our sins, he always answers with a yes, but kids are funny that way, answering the way they are expected to answer sometimes.  Especially kids with autism.  Dayton knows how important my faith is to me, and doesn't want to disappoint me.  But now I know for sure.  There was no coaxing on my part, this was all his idea.

So this weekend we got out our Christmas decorations along with the tree.  What a pain!  We have one of those pre-lit Christmas trees, and for the life of me, I could not figure out how to get all the lights working.  Finally I just gave up.  The lights work on top and bottom, but not in the middle.  Think anyone will notice?

I've allowed Dayton to decorate the tree by himself, to make it all his own.  I helped out here and there, but for the most part, the tree is a representation of his artistic vision.  And what a vision!  It may be an eye sore to others, but to me, it's the most beautifully decorated Christmas tree ever!

Consider yourselves hugged, and I hope you all find your Christmas spirit!


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