Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Organization In Education Is Crucial

I know Dayton's been in school for only three days, but WOW!!!  I sure pray I'm not jinxing myself in announcing this, but I am sooooo pleased with Dayton's teacher, aid and principal right now.  Dayton just came home and showed me all his "check marks" he earned at school, and I am so proud of my little guy, I'm practically GUSHING!!!  It must have taken Dayton's teacher quite some time to make up this check mark system, and his aid and teacher time again to fill it out.  And the sense of accomplishment Dayton feels right at this very moment shines right through him.  I haven't seen him so happy to be in school EVER.  I have never been this impressed before either!!!

Again, I'm terrified that I'm jinxing myself, but I am so very, very pleased.  I pray this continues throughout this school year, and worry that Dayton's educators may not have the stamina to keep this up through the whole year, but for now I choose to relish in Dayton's success and celebrate with him.  I feel fortunate that Dayton has a teacher and an aid who obviously recognize that being organized is key in education, and that children on the autism spectrum must see immediate and positive results before being able to comply with what we as adults wish for them to achieve. 

Anyways, back to celebrating!  I just had to take a few minutes to share with everyone!  I'm so happy!!!  And most importantly, Dayton is happy.  The old saying "If mamma ain't happy, ain't no body happy" is not true in my home.  Here the motto goes "If Dayton ain't happy, ain't no body happy" is the very much the case.  And Dayton is HAPPY!!!  Hoooray!!! 

If Dayton's teacher, aid and principal are reading this, THANK YOU!!!  You've made our home a happy home tonight!

Consider yourselves hugged,


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