Thursday, 7 July 2011

Am I That Big Of A Threat?! Well I'll Be...

Wow, I thought the drama would end with the school year, but apparently not.  It seems "the woman" (let's call her A.K. for Actinic Keratosis) from the Children's Coalition here in Winnipeg really, really, really has it in for me.  Awwwww, lil'ole me?  Seriously?  What threat could I possibly be to this woman?  Not sure, but if she wants to rumble, let's have at it.

I've had a couple of moms and dads contact me via Autism Diva Help.  I've put up my contact information for everyone to see, but just in case you've missed it, here it is again...  My home phone number is 204-837-6308, my cell phone number is 204-771-4546, my email addresses are:,, and let's not forget my facebook:  Anyone who wants to contact me can, I have no problem in being your sounding board or brainstorming with you.

Anyhow, back to the point, the woman is behaving completely inappropriately, asking parents if they have anything to do with...  wait for it...  have you guessed?  That's right...  She's asking parents if they have anything to do with ME!!!  Seriously?  What is it about Autism Diva Help or myself as a person that's getting this woman's panties in a knot?  I really had no intentions of writing about her or the Children's Coalition, but now that I'm hearing that she's turning people away if they have anything to do with me...  How unprofessional is that?  She prides herself on all the work she's done for "inclusion," and disagrees with me when I say that "inclusion" does not work for all children on the spectrum equally.  "Well goodness gracious A.K., I'm so terribly sorry to have offended you, but I have bigger and better problems than to worry about your pride.  Furthermore A.K., your job is to HELP children with disabilities, children that have no choice in who their parents speak or don't speak to.  So now, not only are our children being discriminated against, but their parents as well by YOUR unprofessional conduct."

I see clearly where this woman's priorities lie, in self accomplishment.  God forbid a parent speaks out about how the education system is failing our children.  God forbid we speak amongst ourselves and try to console each other when our children are discriminated against.  God forbid we seek help for our children or don't agree with some bureaucratic organization only interested in making themselves look good.  I mean, who the hell do we think we are as parents, thinking we know what works and doesn't work for our own children?!  How dare we have a mind of our own.  How dare we try and think how to help our children?  How dare I not agree 100% with A.K.?  HOW DARE I SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM AND HOW IT'S FAILING MY CHILD AND OTHERS?!  HOW DARE I BLAME THE GOVERNMENT IN HOW THEY ARE NOT HELPING OUR SCHOOLS SUCCESSFULLY TEACH OUR CHILDREN?!  How dare I indeed...

As for the folks like A.K. who obviously have their panties in a knot,  go ahead and blog your hatred of me, talk about me all night in your chat groups and meetings, I really don't mind.  At least I know you're listening to what I'm saying.  WE HAVE A PROBLEM.  OUR EDUCATION SUCKS, AND OUR CHILDREN ARE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST.  In other words, if I'm making you talk about me, whether it be good or bad, my job here is done ;)  Mission accomplished!  Who knew lil'ole me could have this impact, I'm thrilled!  Not quite thrilled to make enemies all around me, but thrilled that my voice is finally heard.  Thanks for taking me seriously.  It's about time!  A lesson learned perhaps.  I should never had underestimated the power of...  ME!  Learn from my mistake, every single one of us has the power to crawl under someones skin.  Imagine what damage we could do if we did it all together!  I hate acronyms, but LOL!!!

My advice to you, my dear readers, is that if you speak to A.K., deny, deny, deny that you follow Autism Diva Help.  In my experience and the parents who have contacted me, she has been of no or little use in their plight for a better education.  But just in case she may be able to help your child, I feel no offense at your denying my existence.  I want what every parent of a child with autism wants:   A quality education, help for our children so that our children can become contributing members of society.

Why is it that people can't agree to disagree?  Are two minds not better than one?  How boring would life be to simply agree on everything?  It is only through seeing other people's perspectives that we learn from one another.  Only God Himself knows everything and is perfect.  Only He is almighty, all knowing and all powerful.  I don't claim to know it all, and if messing up takes practise, then I am well rehearsed!  I've held a lot of positions in my life and will still hold many more, but above all I am a mother.  A mother who loves her child more than anything else on this planet, and who will stop at nothing to get what her child deserves:  respect for his individuality, acceptance as a human being, and an education he's entitled to as a Canadian citizen.  "So A.K., if this offends you, don't work with me as we've agreed, but you should be professional enough to help others in NEED, whether or not they follow Autism Diva Help or not.  Your issue is with me, so direct your anger at me, not other innocent bystanders.  In other words, DO YOUR JOB.  It's what you get paid to do."

The theory of "inclusion" is a beautiful thing.  In order for it to work as A.K. had planned, the government needs to "tweak" it just a tiny bit.  I'm sure A.K. had not intended "inclusion" to end up the way it has.  Educate the school staff, and their divisions.  Offer assistance to do this, and make education a priority, not a babysitting service.  That's all I'm saying.  Why is this so difficult for bureaucracies to understand?  Sure, it will cost money, I understand that, but imagine how much more money it will cost the government when our uneducated children turn of age.

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  1. Totally agree.. I say it all the time. I don't care if you don't like what i'm saying i'm happy that you listened enough to actually talk to someone else about it.

    you n me have had our words about A.K. and I swear same person.. but whatever. No one forces another to read the blogs, or comments. Don't like it, do like i tell my AUTISTIC SON, ignore it, walk away. We teach our kids these simple things, yet it seems some adults missed the boat.