Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I've Got a Bone To Pick With You

I'd like to thank all the wonderful people who messaged me on facebook and emailed me for their concern for my health as well as all the followers who have emailed me telling me they missed my blogging.  I'm beginning to feel half human again, although still very tired.  I will have my ultrasound for my kidneys tomorrow and see where that leads me...  Thanks again for your get well wishes, and for letting me know I have been missed!

Yes...  It appears Dayton 'passion' for guns after his little chit chat with the police seems to have curbed his appetite for the pretend play of weapons.  His new passion?  Bone books.

I know, a little pricey to get the whole complete set, but Dayton's the type that if he's going to have one book that comes of a set, he must have all of them...  That's where his OCD kicks into overdrive.  Also, he's impatient, and unfortunately for me, we have a freaking postal strike.  Not wanting to take any chances, I hit our closest Chapters and bought the complete set, along with the prequel and sequel to the nine books for a whopping $145.00.  I know, you think I'm nuts, but for those of you with a child on the spectrum who struggles with reading, you can understand that as a parent, you would do whatever it takes and spend whatever the amount of money to encourage your child to read.  The best thing about these books is that they're like a comic book, so Dayton gets the visual pictures of what's happening, the wording is in bubbles above the speaker, showing Dayton who is speaking, and he sees the words. 

He picked up his first Bone book at the school library, so if they carry it at the school, there should be no issues over how appropriate it is for him to read these books, at least one can hope.

Another passion that's surfaced...  Bayblades.  Oh yes...  It seems those things are back, and there's other children where we live that love the Bayblading as well.  That's awesome.  Before I knew it, Dayton sat outside in a circle of five other children like a catnip crazed cat, without arguing, or using his hands, remembering to use his words and played with FIVE children.  Dayton's max number of kids he can play with at a given time seems to run at about two. 
Even though he came in third place, he didn't end up having a meltdown.  Needless to say, I am thrilled!!!

  One more week and a half, and school will officially be over, with summer break ahead.  I can hardly wait.  While school life has improved with my little guy, I really look forward to not having to feel on pins and needles all day, and never having to let go of my cell phone, just in case.  I look forward to no more phone calls from the school, no more threats of suspension, no more early pick  ups and being able to relax.  I'm thinking of drowning my phone in the swimming pool...

Consider yourselves hugged,


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