Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Woe Canada, I Thought You Cared...

Wow, this story really made my toes curl.  I can not believe that a family that contributes to society (the father is an entrepreneur, a son is becoming a dentist), is being forced out of our country because their son has autism.  Apparently, this child's autism costs the government too much money...  What about the money they've wilfully taken from this family in the form of taxes?  As a successful business man, I'm certain this father and his soon to be dentist son will be paying a large amount in taxes, probably more than the government will spend in the care of this family's child with autism.  It's sickening.

Dayton gets a full time aid in school, and in the level three funding application, his school had asked the government for $30,000.00.  I can assure you, Dayton's father and I jointly pay a lot more that $30,000.00 in taxes on our pay cheques, never mind what we pay in GST, PST and now in fuel tax. 

Living as a Pharmacy Technician Instructor in Winnipeg, I've taught many immigrants in a local college.  They've all been hard workers, dedicated students to their studies and wonderful human beings.  However, they did not support themselves.  They got a free education from our government, simply by entering our country and province.  Each low income housing facility in Winnipeg has four empty suites just in case an immigrant needs free shelter.  So it seems to me that this family is being discriminated against due to their child having autism.  Because their financial welfare is certainly NOT in issue. 

So what if his child's care is expensive? We have tons of money put in ridiculous places. Maybe if we had better money management, we wouldn't have this problem.

Reading this story made me ashamed to call myself a Canadian...

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