Monday, 14 January 2013

I Could Pee In This; Happy New Year Mom!

Yup, he peed in my wine glass.  And I drank it.  Gross.  The boy is grounded until further notice.  No joke.  No video games of any kind for the next month.  No Netflix for the next month.  And every time he jokes around about pee I cringe and dry heave.

There is a bond between father and son that I just don't understand.  It doesn't matter what kind of a father the man is, a son will always look up to him.  Not that I'm saying Dayton's dad is a bad guy, I've just seen boys with their dads, and some of these dads are not the best role models.  We'll just leave it at that.

Autism or no autism, Dayton is afraid of betraying his dad.  Not quite sure where he learned what betrayal means, I'm too stunned from the aftermath of his fear of 'betrayal' to have looked into this.  Dayton has a major passion to protect his father, who is 6'3" tall and apparently not able to defend himself against me, a 5'6" woman with the upper body strength of a kitten.

Obeying my rules at home means he's betraying his dad.  I've sported bruised arms, a fat lip, numerous melt downs resulting in being shoved down the stairs as Dayton views being nice and liking me and my new special friend as a betrayal to his father.  All I've asked of Dayton is to sit down at the dinner table to eat, stay seated until everyone's done eating, eat what you put on your plate, don't yell and scream and threaten the kids you're living with, try to get along, share time and toys, and respect people around you as you want to be respected yourself, especially your mother and her friends...

"Don't blame me, I'm just like my daddy."

Yes, yes he is...  but I don't think even "daddy" would pee in my wine glass.

There are days where we all get along well and enjoy each other's company, and then there are days where my new motto kicks into overdrive:
1)   Don't scream, yell or cry.  Dayton doesn't understand social etiquette where someone else's feelings are
      concerned, so he will not do what I expect him to do, making me feel even worse.
2)   Don't give up.  Dayton's worth the fight!
3)   Don't strangle the cats or dog.  Yes, they shed over my stuff, but they're a part of my family.
4)   Don't give up.  All of my kids are worth the struggle of staying sane.
5)   Put the chocolate down
6)   Don't give up.  I love my kids!  On good days, they make me laugh and one of them even gives me a
7)   Don't drink anything out of a wine glass unless I've just poured it myself
8)   Don't give up.  One day, as a geriatric mother, I will get even with ALL of my children.  One day...
9)   Do not speak to the ex as I may say something I may regret after my meltdown is over
10) Don't give up.  Life without my babies is not worth living.  The joys of grandmotherhood is just around
      the corner.  I can hardly wait to feed them all candies and send them home!!!

Consider yourselves hugged,


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  1. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was "chilled", trust me.